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Your Choices=Purpose

Fearless Community listen to me right now: OUR choices align with my purpose. We have to take action that bring me closer to fulfilling my goals and it takes work to achieve the goals you desire. It will not fall out the sky and just putting it on a piece of paper or saying what your goals are requires putting faith into action. When our choices align with purpose, life is more meaningful. You need to clarify my objectives and set priorities. Things to ask yourself while learning what your purpose is could be "what I am good at" and "what do I love to do". I notice the activities that create a sense of flow for me and help me to feel fully engaged. For instance, when I get around people who are learning how to network and connect to grow their business and come up with ideas that will help us in the process of our journey, it energizes my why to what I do as a business owner. Channeling your time and efforts towards the things that matter to you can allow your purpose to arise and weeding out distractions that is keeping you from your purpose. I

Start putting your beliefs into action because your purpose guides the decisions and behavior of your life. Be sure to take care of your health because it is what keeps you going and ensures that you will have the capacity to perform at your peak. Things that will help you live a healthy lifestyle could be eat nourishing food, exercise regularly, and sleep well. Your mental and spiritual wellbeing counts too. Be sure to build strong relationships and practice your faith and do meaningful work. Find a career that relates to the purpose you have, or I focus on leisure activities. Using the gifts you have in many roles as an employee, parent, friend, or volunteer. Start venturing beyond my comfort and take chances so you can achieve more. I share my purpose with the world because you might be the person to show another person what it looks like when you walk in your purpose. Pursuing your passions and leveraging your strengths helps us to have a greater impact.

Affirmation to Say

"Today, I carve out my own path and keep moving forward. Being true to my purpose makes me happy and successful."

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it important for me to set my own standards?

2. What are some reflective practices that can help me to clarify my purpose?

3. How would I describe my unique purpose?

These are some ladies that I connected with at Nonprofits Unite. Thank you ladies for showing up and supporting each other.

(Left to Right: Britney, Courtney, Twila, Lauren, Tara, Nikki)

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