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Kill Em' With Kindness

Hello Fearless Community,

Have you heard the term kindness is contagious? Do you believe that this saying is true? I did not believe this for so long because I was not a kind person in my own personal life. Yeah, I said it, ME, I was always frowning during my teenage and college years due to personal situations that were not really crucial, but I made it like the world was against me. It was not until I began looking at life differently during my mid 20's that I realized how there are PLENTY of reason to be kind to not only myself but kind to others even when they are not kind to YOU! It's now funny to me how when you say good morning to people and them not saying good morning back for whatever reason they have. It does not affect me anymore because they do not control my emotions or determine the day that I'm going to have.

When you are kind, others can be kind too, and your kindness has far-reaching effects. It influences others, YES YOU ARE an INFLUENCER! Then, the kindness from one person affects the other people who come into contact with that person, and the chain of happiness continues. When I am in a good mood, I am kinder and more helpful to the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. This uplifts the mood of both those we are kind to and others who witness the kindness. Once again, their positive emotions are then spread to more people, and then more... I realize that my attitude influences more than just my life. It affects the lives of those around me, and those around them, as well! It is sometimes hard to believe how important kindness ultimately is to everyone around you. The people that care for us want the best, and they feel good when we are in high spirits. We affect each other. When they are happy, I am happy. I remind myself that my negative moods can also have a negative impact on others. For instance, I remember coming in from a hard day's work and my child wanted to spend time with me. I told her that I just wanted to be left alone and to go somewhere so I can gather my thoughts in a rude way. Because she did not understand and thought I was mad at her, her emotions changed. In that moment, I had a negative effect on her and knew that I had to change the dynamics of the situation. So, after I made sure to gather my bearings and changing what I just caused, I had to apologize and spend time with her that made her day turn around. For the record, it was nothing extravagant LOL. Be sure that on this day or any day you get an opportunity to spread kindness to someone, DO IT!


LK Scott-The Resilience Coach

"Today, I make every effort to be in a good mood because I know that my emotions are contagious. When I am happy, others are happy, too. So, I put a priority on my happiness. I maintain an inspiring mood. And I do all I can to spread joy and happiness."

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do my positive and negative moods affect those around me?

2. What can I do this week that would make me happy?

3. What am I most unhappy about right now? What can I do about?

This young lady found me on Instagram to be a vendor at her brunch called A Whole Woman! I'm forever grateful for her kindness and seeing the potential I have in making a difference in the community.

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