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You are EXACTLY Where You Need to be!

Fearless Community!

I don't know about you but sometimes I feel as if I'm not headed in the right direction at times. If you feel like that, you are normal and don't forget it. When life throws your life altering situations, let us be present, be in the here and now, and reflect on where you are RIGHT NOW! You are EXACTLY further than where you were years ago and placed where God wants you to be. I'm going to say that again: YOU are where YOU need to be, and WE are exactly where WE need to be (I'm in the boat with you).

Listen! We have everything we need, and you are everything this moment asks of you, so let's not be too hard on yourself. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE & MERCY! Nothing in this moment needs to be changed. This moment is perfectly complete AND Fearless peeps you are complete right now. Let'd do all that the moment requires of you and be present in just that moment. It's better said than done, TRUST me I'm a living witness but you have a choice to change the narrative. Regardless of the past, you are exactly where you need to be for your best personal growth, and it doesn't have to be perfect. Even when my circumstances are different than my expectations, I know that my Creator is guiding me, HIM, THE GREAT I AM, BIG POPPA (NOT Christopher Wallace), listen when I talk about the Creator of the world, I get all the vibes! The compass of my consciousness always points out my best direction and leads me to where I am supposed to be.

Fearless Family, YOU are powerful and possess the intellect, wisdom, and capability to make decisions that positively affect the well-being of YOU. When you feel challenged, tap into these inner strengths to seek a solution. Sometimes, the solution might send us on a different journey than the original plan but have confidence that you are taking the right path for (INSERT NAME HERE). Breathing in, inhale strength. Breathing out, letting go of our concerns. Breathing in, let's take in this beautiful moment. Breathing out, exhaling my doubts, worries, and fears and know that everything is as it should be.


LK Scott- Resilience Coach

"Today, I acknowledge my own powerful nature. I release my fears and trust that I am on the path I am meant to be on. I have faith in my internal compass."

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I think I am where I need to be? Why or why not?

2. What concerns cause me the most worry?

3. How can I remind myself how powerful I am?

Meet Lisa Anderson, a published Author for "The Mud Cake" you may purchase her book on Amazon. She is such an AMAZING person and supporting her is such an honor.
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