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Teaching & Serving from Within (TSFW) is a coaching and consulting service that offers multiple educational leadership skills to K-12 youth organizations to prepare the Next Generation for our Future.


Lauren "LK" Scott

From Educating in the classroom to educating outside of the classroom, Lauren is the Advocate for the Next Generation of the Future. Her drive is to ensure that adults are equipped for leadership positions by teaching theory-based strategies to K-12 youth organizations that are effective for the New Generation of our time.

She is also passionate about teaching the youth how to build Social Emotional Learning Skills and Leadership Development strategies that will build character as they develop each day as the Future Generation. She has an Associates Degree in Social Work, a Master's in Educational Leadership, and 11 years of educational experience in the school district. Her personal Mission state is "To serve and impact God's people with LOVE, PURPOSE, & PASSION."

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