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Dear Parents,

We require two more chaperones to bring a group of 20 girls to the Girls in Aviation Day. We kindly request your assistance in making this event successful. Please RSVP as soon as possible, since this option will not be available tomorrow at noon. If we cannot get additional participation, we will have to lower the number of girls that will be able to go.

Thank you for your support.

Click the link to RSVP!!

FYI***** FLY Girlz who's parent has chaperones will be automatically added to this event. The event registration will begin tomorrow at 3:00 PM sharp. To register, please share the event with your FLY Girl and ask them to RSVP themselves.

For guidence, please take a moment to review the process on our navigation page to ensure a smooth registration for your FLY Girl.

Shabrea Johnson
Nakisha Hayes
Tangela Nickerson 💕


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