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"Unleashing the Fearless girl YOU are meant to be"

The Next Generation

FLY Girlz Academy was created in 2021 with the mission to empower and uplift young ladies who will be responsible, caring, servant leaders who will make a positive impact on those they serve and the society they live in. Our team consists of experienced mentors who are passionate about providing guidance, support, and encouragement to help our mentees achieve their full potential.

Through our program, we aim to foster a safe and inclusive environment where our mentees can build confidence, develop leadership skills, and create meaningful connections. We understand the unique challenges that young black and brown girls face, and we are committed to providing them with the resources and tools they need to overcome these obstacles.

We believe that every girl deserves a chance to reach her dreams and become a powerful force for change in her community. Our mentoring program is dedicated to helping young black and brown girls thrive and become the best versions of themselves. Join us today and be a part of our community of strong, confident, and empowered young women.

"Unleashing the Fearless Leader YOU are meant to be"

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