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🎄Happy Sunday to our wonderful FLY parents! I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much for all your dedication to ensuring our girls made the Christmas showcase a success! I am overwhelmed with the Joy of the Lord and glad that your child is part of the fearLESS movement! Thank you thank you!

Parents who signed there child up for the Barbie Christmas lock in:

-We will have shirts available to them at the lock in. They are to wear black leggings.

-We will have the Left Right gift exchange and request that your child brings a gift that is $10.00 or LESS.

-Following after the lock in is our parent meeting at 9:00 am Saturday for those who are participating in the trip to Oklahoma in July of 2024!

Lonnetta Wilson
Jereka Thompson
Tangela Nickerson 💕
Nakisha Hayes
Nakisha Hayes
Dec 17, 2023

Thanks! She has been registered.



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