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⭐️Hello FLY Parents!

🎉We would love to help celebrate Pretty Blessed Girls on June 8th and would love for your child to sign up. Information is in the events tab. FLY Girlz will pay $5.00 toward the ticket price if you sign up by June 4th, and the offer will close on that day. You will need to drop your FLY Girl off and pick them up at the same location. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Click the link to pay. Thank you and have a fearLESS Friday!

⭐️Hello FLY Family,

🚨We are 3 days from our Awards and lock in. Remember that the awards are open to anyone who would like to come. For the lock-in, we are having a ONESIE PARTY!! Bring blankets, pillows, and air mattresses for the party and snacks. We will have snacks and food for the girls as well. Pick up time is 9:00 am. Can’t wait to see you there.🚨

Tangela Nickerson 💕
Shabrea Johnson

⭐️Hey FLY Family!

Keep Shabrea and her family in prayer as they are preparing to lay her cousin to rest this weekend.

Shabrea Johnson
Tangela Nickerson 💕
Nakisha Hayes
Nakisha Hayes
May 15

Praying 🙏🏿


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