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Hype Woman NO MORE!

Welcome to the world of the Fearless community! I’m so excited that you have taken your time out of your busy schedule to read my first official blog. Maybe you are here because you accidentally clicked on this or maybe you are intrigued by just the title but I’m just happy you’re here. I have been delaying this for so long due to me feeling like my voice does not matter.

I have been a major hypocrite in this area because as a teacher (yes me, a WHOLE teacher) I tell my students that their voices matter when I’m merely shrinking my own voice. I’m what you call the “hype man” because if someone has a vision or business they would like to share with me, I have no problem with getting them excited about what they have in store and also give them feedback on what they can do to become successful in their endeavors.

My gift of gassing people up is so strong that I could make you walk around in broad daylight with just your bra and panties on like it’s ok because I made it sound so good. Stating my case and EVERYTHING! But ME, little ole me won’t allow myself to even cheer myself on. The reasoning to my crazy thinking is that I have always felt like I’m supposed to be behind the scenes and hide in the shadows. I do not like the spotlight when it comes to being vulnerable to speak up in public. In private, I have no problem giving you advice or expressing myself to you.

Public speaking has been in me but I never thought that I could use it or even find a platform that would allow me to be myself. I have thought about if I was professional enough or if I even know what I’m talking about? The people who sound so intellectual would intimidate me as well. But now it is timeout for all that and it’s time to take that duck tape off my mouth to speak up and speak out. So why the oxymoron title method? The Scariest part is for the woman who people assume that they are afraid to fail or step out of their comfort zone. They underestimate what they don’t see in her because maybe of how she looks or where she came from.

In all actuality, that woman is FEARLESS. She knows that when she wakes up the devil rolls his eyes because he knows that God is covering her and there is nothing he can do about it. This fearless woman is a force to be wreck-in and is learning what unshakeable, unmerited faith looks like. She is still learning who she is and what can she do to ensure that her light shines out of Godfidence! Fearless woman who is reading this, ARE YOU READY for this Scariest Fearless journey?

This blog will be hitting so many topics that you can relate to.

When I say I’m so ready to share with you stories, life experiences, and advice that will have you thinking or sharing with others that we will eventually be able to connect with others to speak our truth. Let the journey begin and I hope that you are inspired to try something new to spark that Scariest Fearless Woman in YOU!

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