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Sis, Let’s Clear the Air

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hello Fearless Community! Man it has been a crazy but productive week this week. So guys I did something that felt so great to do and a relief for me. I have been feeling some type of way with my best friend lately and it has been bothering me for weeks. One little misunderstanding can lead to destruction if you don’t allow yourself to become vulnerable with your real friends. We decided to meet at this restaurant that I would like to say for the record was fantastic. I was kind of nervous to talk to her because we really haven’t had deep conversations with issues we have with each other.

The reason is that we both don’t like conflict and it goes deep to where we know that it comes from our family. As we started catching up with what we have been missing out on while being silent to one another, I broke this ice and told her that I’m learning how to have uncomfortable conversations with people because it is time out with sweeping things up under the rug or just not talking about it because we are afraid that the person we are talking to doesn’t like what we have to say. She agreed and when I say that my Bestie and I laid EVERYTHING out on the table, it was an eye opener for the both of us.

We have been Besties since 2007 and I felt like we just started a whole new next level adult friendship. There were some things that I was hiding from her and vice versa! When I say that I respect and love our sisterhood even better. We can move forward without having those thoughts of negative feelings in the back of our minds. After we poured out our fillings, we also made sure to fill our buckets up with positive and encouraging words that led to her taking me to go try a darn macaron.

It was okay but not my kind of dessert! She told me she wasn’t feeling it either. With that being said, I have a few questions for you…Are you making sure that you can be vulnerable with your friends about problems that you have with them? Do you mask how you feel because you don’t want to face conflict or afraid to lose your friendship with them? Can your friend pour into your bucket just like you fill them up with no hesitation? Let me tell you something sis...STOP IT!

Expressing how you feel about an issue you have with your friends will show you if that person is really a true friend or not. If the friendship is valuable to you, you have to have uncomfortable conversations with them so that the friendship can have a bond that cannot be broken between each other. Now fearless woman, chew on that, reflect and know that your voice matters!

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