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Concrete on My Name

What is the first thing people ask you when they first meet you or you introduce yourself? I hope the first thing they ask you is your name! I’ve always wonder when my name comes up in people’s conversation, do they react in a positive or negative manner. When they say first impressions are important it is true. Even what you put on your social media also reflects who you are and also what you respond to on people’s post. Your actions are also attached to your name as well.

Do you know that people you would think are not watching your every move are the ones who you have to be careful in your actions? Some of them are waiting to see you fail. Others are there to be messy and gossip about you or some may be living through you. With that being said, anytime you decide to react to things that are not in your character or could possibly lead to that one reaction that could be the concrete to your name forever, think to yourself “Is this worth being tied to my name”.

I think about the day when I die and what people would say at my funeral (you only get 1 and a half minute use it wisely). Would my pastor have to make up some stuff to show that I was a good person, which I KNOW he keeps it real so that would not happen. I pray that when my name is brought up that I have touched God’s people’s heart by making a difference or even being there for them in a time of need. Because when they put your name permanently on that concrete, that’s it sis. No more words, just the memories of your words. Speak your truth, but make sure you are willing to count up the cost for what you say or do in this lifetime. Fearless woman let’s go out and show the world that when your name is spoken to others, the concrete of your name is permanently filled with who you are and what you stand for!!!

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