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Breaking Generational Patterns

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hello Fearless community! I hope you have been enjoying the blogs and taking these nuggets, dipping them with your favorite sauce, and digesting this like it’s giving you life abundantly. So I did a thing last week. I told myself that if I’m going to pour into your mind and heart that I must not be a hypocrite to the advice I’m giving out. That is VERY trifling and we have to learn how to take our own advice as well. You know we all have different characters and habits due to them being past down from generation to generation. Well one of the generational patterns that my family has, in which I’m on a mission to break, is sweeping things up under the rug and not addressing issues with each other like it did not happened. Their is no solving the problem and we get together smiling in each other’s faces like it never happened. This curse has irked me for years and last week I decided enough is enough. I know you are dying to know what happened so I will get right to it. Three years ago, my favorite cousin and I had a HUGE falling out during the time I was preparing to get married. Feelings were hurt on both sides because we went off of emotions instead of really getting down to the situation at hand. I forgave in my mind and talked to God thinking that I was content. One holiday my mom has an event at her house and we were having a blast. When my cousin came to show her face for a while, you could tell that the atmosphere changed and an elephant was in the room. That feeling is not cool! It’s like you don’t know what to do or say so that you won’t feel uncomfortable. I could not breathe and tried to act like I was ok. Hunny child I was NOT ok! After she left, my mom and I had a conversation in which I felt like she needed to come to me if she still feeling some type of way. I was not hearing no ones advice and felt like if I went to her I was weak (that’s how satan gets in your ear). Let’s fast forward from 2017 to 2020. It took 3 WHOLE years to evaluate the situation. I had to realize that I should have had her back no matter what because she is my family. My family is very important to me and I know my elders are getting older. We have a small family in Texas and my 3 cousins is all I have. So I decided that I was going to call her so that we can break this curse. When I say that God is so good and we got to pour out our hearts to each other and mend. It was such a relief for us to communicate without going on emotions but a balanced mind. Fearless women, it’s time to evaluate what generational curse we REFUSE to carry on to the next generation. I must tell you that we take hold of those characters and habits to break the cycle by being honest and seeing if they are hindering or helping us. Speak your truth ladies! Let’s break the mold to become the best YOU you can be.

L. K. Scott

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